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Prague restaurants

In Prague you can find international restaurants from the finest Italian and French cuisine to Japanese, Korean, Thai, Greek, Scandinavian and Mexican. Food is still affordable despite price increases in recent years.

Prague restaurants The restaurants we list are recommended for their cuisine, ambience and popularity among travellers. If you want to eat at a particularly "famous" establishment it would be better to make a reservation, particularly at peak periods such as weekends and during the high season. Original Czech food comprises roast or grilled meat and dumplings, which not all tourists necessarily find tasty, but when it's done well traditional Czech cuisine is worth a try. It is absolutely normal to share a table with strangers, particularly in less expensive restaurants. It will not be considered rude for another party to join you at your table if seats are free. There is no dress code and you can visit even the most luxurious restaurant in casual clothes (although there are a few exceptions).

Paying your bill: Many restaurants will accept euros and obviously local currency as well. Paying by credit card is generally possible in most restaurants but less in cheaper places. Service charges (VAT is usually already included) may be added to your bill, so it pays to read the menu carefully in order to avoid a surprise.

Smoking: In the Czech Republic smoking is prohibited in schools, cinemas, theatres, sports facilities, state offices and other public spaces such as bus and tram stops. Restaurants usually have smoking and non-smoking areas.

Beware: If you dine (especially in cheaper restaurants), check the bill carefully as overcharging is not uncommon, although it is not something you would experience in well- known restaurants.

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