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General business conditions

  1. Web site operator
  2. Reservation
  3. Security
  4. Payment conditions
  5. Complaints
  6. Final enactments

Web site operator

The Web site is provided by Your Apartments, Ltd. company registered in the Czech Republic at the City Court in Prague, section C, enclosure 130992, with the office at

Národní 1987/22, Prague 1 – New Town, 110 00, Czech Republic

(hereinafter referred to only as “Your Apartments“).

By using our services, you declare that you have read and understood these General business conditions and that you agree with them.

You agree with the right of Your Apartments and its partners to send you special marketing offers or newsletters by email in the future.


These conditions govern all orders processed by the Web site or by Your Apartments. You, as the customer / client, express your consent with these conditions on behalf of all members of your party. All orders created or placed by you will be considered as your request for the purchase of relevant accommodation and/or travel services. The contract between you and Your Apartments becomes valid when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • a) issues reference number of the reservation;
  • b) sends the reservation confirmation via email message;
  • c) customer pays a reservation deposit;

The confirmation of reservation will occur via sent email to an email address specified by you. It is in your duty to specify the correct email address.

Hereby you confirm that you reached at least 18 years of age. All orders are your own, and cannot be sold, assigned or otherwise transferred. You are responsible for your passports, visas and health requirements. We strongly recommend an arrangement of travel insurance of medical expenses.


There are three options how to pay reservation deposit: via GPE with credit card, via PayPal with existing PayPal account or credit card and via Banking transfer into our banking account. A payment of reservation deposit is processed via 3D-Secure gate which is the top level of security regarding payments made by payment cards via Internet. We recommend you to use a Credit / Debit card which supports this kind of security for the payment of reservation deposit or if you already have PayPal account you can use PayPal payment method. For this kind of payment you can use any Credit / Debit card used for the payments made via Internet with the lower level of security. If you don't have a PayPal account and you don't have any Credit card allowing payments via Internet, we recommend using Banking transfer into our banking (current) account.

Payment conditions

The payment of reservation deposit must be made at reservation time otherwise we do not consider this payment as valid. Your Apartments do not have duty for any fees stated by the issuing bank or another bank for transfer processing or exchange rate difference.

For above mentioned way of payment we can accept the following Credit / Debit cards: VISA, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal payment and Banking transfer into our Banking (current) account.

If the accommodation you originally selected becomes unavailable, Your Apartments is entitled to offer you an alternative one. An email message will be sent, informing you about such fact and other details. In this case, the customer is entitled to cancel the reservation without any cancellation fee.

The prices are shown in Czech currency (hereinafter referred to only as “CZK”), in Euro currency (hereinafter referred to only as “EUR”) or in British Pounds (hereinafter referred to only as “GBP”). The prices in EUR and GBP may differ every day since the change in exchange rates is reflected daily. All payments are done in CZK and the prices in EUR and GBP are only for orientation purposes calculated according to the daily average exchange rate stated by the Czech National Bank. The exchange rate is fixed for the order at the time of its creation and will be applied for any potential changes or cancellations of any item. The exchange rates are determined by Your Apartments.

The difference between the price of accommodation and reservation deposit is paid after arrival with picking up of the key to an apartment. The payment of difference may be made in cash or via terminal with valid Credit / Debit card, in accordance with the stated method of payment in apartment in the section called Apartment details for each chosen apartment. Besides the payment of price difference is necessary to put particular deposit in EUR or the relevant amount of money in another currency which is specified in the section Apartment details for each chosen apartment. The deposit will be fully put back to the client after the finish of accommodation and return of the apartment keys. This deposit is used as the guarantee for the potential damage made by client during accommodation period.


In case of any damages, or misappropriation of objects situated in any rented Apartment, Your Apartments or another entrusted authority may subtract the loss from refundable deposit. In case of higher loss than the amount of deposit, the client is committed to pay adequate difference which is stated by Your Apartments or another entrusted authority.

Information on this Web site (including the offers of travel products, trips and accommodation) is provided in good will, however, Your Apartments is not responsible for completeness and correctness of information delivered by its suppliers.

Because of reservation deposit payment is processed via 3D Secure gate, Your Apartments doesn’t have duty to misapplication of the used card and client fully agrees with this procedure.

In case of client’s request related to the change of arrival date, apartment, number of persons etc., the client is entitled to send an email to the address as soon as possible. Your Apartments informs client via email about the result of reservation change request within 2 working days latest. In case the change is not possible to act, Your Apartments supposes an alternative solution. If the client does not accept above mentioned solution, reservation is cancelled. Hereby the client accepts and fully agrees with the statement that the reservation deposit is nonrefundable and only covers the costs related to the reservation of the Apartment and another included services.

If you do not arrive at the accommodation facility on the date stated in your order as arrival day, or if you leave the facility before the date stated in your order as departure day, you will be entitled to cancellation or change of order only from the time when you deliver your notification to Your Apartments during its business hours.

All complaints about ordered services must be reported to Your Apartments in writing form or via an email message without delay. Any complaint concerning travel services must be raised to the attention of the management of local supplier without delay, during your stay. If the situation is not solved to your satisfaction, you should send an email message to the

Your Apartments is not responsible for any delay or failure in fulfillment of its obligations, resulting directly or indirectly from causes out of its control. Causes or circumstances out of Your Apartments' control include but are not limited to: force major, war conflicts, demonstrations, civil unrest, strike of labor unions, terrorist acts, revolution, fire, flood, lightening, acts of government or higher authorities (such as withdrawing licenses or approvals), explosion, fog, bad weather, lack or loss of communal services (such as electricity, gas, water or telecommunications), strikes, boycott, embargo, closed access.

Information on this Web site is provided in good will and is updated regularly. However, Your Apartments is not responsible for its completeness or correctness. Your Apartments is not liable to you or to any third party for errors or omissions provided on this Web site. Your Apartments reserves the right to change, update or delete any information on this Web site without prior notice.

Your Apartments does not guarantee uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of this Web site, nor does Your Apartments guarantee that any material accessed through the Web site is free of viruses or other wrongful components.

Your Apartments is not liable for any direct or indirect losses accrued by using information on this Web site with the exception of liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence. If you place your order with Your Apartments, you are hereby bound by these reservation conditions.

Final enactments

These conditions are governed by the Czech legislature, and any dispute concerning your order is subject to jurisdiction of Czech courts. The confirmation of your order and these General business conditions represent the contract between Your Apartments and you as the client.

You are required to protect all identification means provided by Your Apartments for the purpose of usage of the services provided on this Web site. You are further required to provide precise and unbiased information when using services on this Web site. Your Apartments reserves the right to change or update these conditions at any time by publishing a notification to be placed here.

In case of any requests please contact Your Apartments on the following email address:, or on the phone number: +420 773 914 566.