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Apartments for short term rent

Apartments for short term rent

Prague apartments Cesky Krumlov apartments Budapest apartments

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Amsterdam apartments Barcelona apartments Rome apartments

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Why to accommodate in an Apartment from Your Apartments?

  • An Apartment is cheaper than hotel for family and group of 3 or more people
  • An Apartment is at least 2 times bigger than your hotel room
  • Kitchen available with desk for your work & pleasure time
  • Equipment - internet, TV, DVD, radio, fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker,...
  • More privacy – no watching eyes on reception

Who might benefit from the products of Your Apartments?

  • Tourists traveling individually or in groups and staying in the apartments for a few days;
  • Businessmen who come to the destination on business and miss the feeling of privacy and independence in hotels;
  • Families with children for whom the accommodation in Your Apartments would be economically more affordable than in hotels.

What kind of Your Apartments for short term rent in Prague do we offer?

  • studio apartments in Prague
  • one bedroom apartments in Prague
  • two bedroom apartments in Prague
  • three bedroom apartments in Prague
  • four bedroom apartments in Prague
  • and even five bedroom apartments in Prague

Why is it more advantageous to use services of Your Apartments Prague instead of hotels?

  • There are usually more bedrooms and beds within an apartment and thus a group of your guests may spend time together;
  • Most of our apartments are luxuriously furnished with electrical appliances that hotel rooms often lack, including kitchenettes equipped with toasters, refrigerators with ice makers, dishwashers, ovens, microwave ovens, and coffee machines. Wi-Fi Internet and Plasma TVs are also included;
  • Majority of the apartments for short term rent are conveniently located in the center of selected destination in close proximity of the renowned sights and important businesses;
  • Guests in Your Apartments experience more privacy than at a hotel and it is one of our goals to create an unforgettable feeling of making you feel at home while staying with us;
  • We offer quality services with unbeatable prices, contemporary and comfortable furnishings, and locations that hotels do not provide;
  • Clients have multiple restaurant options with a broad variety of local and international foods that satisfy everyone’s preferences.

If you are interested in accommodation for short-term rent with Your Apartments, Ltd., please do not hesitate to book Prague rental apartments or Cesky Krumlov apartments online or contact us.