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Prague airport transfer

There are several ways how to get from the airport to the center and back:

  • Private door-2-door shuttle (650 CZK for up to 4 passengers or 850 CZK for up to 8 passengers). Prague Airport Transfers operate an airport shuttle service using 8-seater Mercedes vehicles. There is one fixed price to all locations in Prague. You have to pre-book this service. Credit cards accepted.
  • Budget shared door-2-door shuttle (1 person 290 CZK or 2 persons 450 CZK). Departs at 30-minute intervals (max).
  • Regular shared shuttle minibus services are used between Airport - City center bus stop called CEDAZ. They operate on a regular half-hour interval basis (using 8-seater VW Transporter vehicles and Fiat Ducato 12-seater minibuses) - from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm (direction: V Celnici Street – Prague Ruzyne Airport) and from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm (direction: Prague Ruzyne Airport – V Celnici Street).
    A single ticket valid for a one-way journey between the two destinations costs 120 CZK (V Celnici Street – Prague Ruzyne Airport or back) or 90 CZK for a single ticket valid for a one-way journey between Dejvická – Prague – Ruzyne Airport or back. You might have to wait up to 1 hour until the vehicle is fully occupied. Children under 10 who are escorted by adults are transferred free of charge.
    Note: Transport of 1+1 standard items of luggage per person is included in the price; persons with more or with oversized luggage cannot use regular shuttle bus transport. In this case they are advised to order a special minibus.
  • Airport Taxi is provided by Airport Cars company. They use VW Passat cars. The cars are easily recognized because they are all silver. This company charges a fixed price for travelling to the city, plus there might be a waiting charge depending on the zone you are going to. To the city centre it should cost around 750 CZK (700 CZK minimum charge). If you go to a more distant destination it can cost up to 980 CZK. When going to more than one destination there will be an extra charge of 25 CZK / per km plus a waiting fee of 5 CZK for each minute. During 10 yrs of exclusive operations at Prague Airport, they have gained quite a bad reputation in the press. They are especially infamous for fast and reckless driving in the city centre and are definitely not recommended for older passengers or passengers with children. Credit cards accepted (there might be a surcharge). Stand: Terminal 1, exit D and E.
  • AAA Taxi cab-stands are located directly in front of the arrival halls at Terminal North 1 - exit D, and at Terminal North 2 - exit E. You can easily recognize them because they are all yellow and use Czech made cars - Skoda (reasonably good vehicles). As the price depends on the traffic we cannot say exactly how much you will pay. Prices range from 160 CZK (minimum charge) to 1050 CZK if you travel to the farthest end of Prague, plus if the taxi has to wait in the traffic or at lights, you will be charged 6 CZK for each minute. The usual price to the city centre is around 700 CZK and you shouldn't pay more than 750 CZK. Generally most of their drivers do not speak English. Tourist rip-offs are rarely reported as this is one of the most reputable taxi companies in Prague. However, there have been some complaints concerning drivers who were rude or did not take the fastest way to the town etc. Rates: 28 per km, a 6 CZK waiting fee for each minute and a 40 CZK "starting rate" for each journey. Credit cards accepted (there might be a surcharge). Be careful when you read leaflets on their taxi fares as they "advertise" some destinations very close to the airport and it is very easy to be misled into believing the price to the city is 160 CZK (in fact it is more). Stand: Terminal 1, exit D and E
  • Public transport from and to Prague airport. Prague public transport buses offer a budget alternative for travelling from the airport to the city centre. For the quickest transport to the city centre or the nearest metro station we advise using bus routes no.119 and no.100.
    Bus No.119 (Airport -> Subway (metro) A Dejvicka, intervals of 5 to 20 minutes, travel time 25 minutes)
    Bus No.100 (Airport -> Subway (metro) B Zlicin, intervals of 15 to 30 minutes, travle time 18 minutes)
    Bus No.225 (Airport -> Subway (metro) B Stodulky, limited service, travel time 40 minutes)
    Bus No.179 (Airport -> Subway (metro) B Nove Butovice, intervals of 12 to 30 mintes, travel time 40 minutes)
    Unfortunately there is no subway or train connection to the city. You should buy a ticket before travelling. You can do this in the arrival hall, at ticket machines, or at a newsagent (if arriving late and all shops are closed buy a ticket from the driver but note that large banknotes are not accepted). Tickets cost just 26 CZK. If you take the No.119 bus (intervals of 5 to 20 minutes, journey time of 25 minutes) you should get off at the last stop called Dejvicka where you can transfer to underground line A. In just a few metro stops you will be in the city centre. When buying a 26 CZK ticket for public transport you will receive a transferable ticket allowing you to travel for a 75-minute period. Note that if you are carrying any large pieces of luggage i.e. a backpack or suitcase you will need to purchase an additional 1 price ticket. You can also take the No.100 bus which will take you from the airport to Zlicin - the underground station of the yellow line (B) that leads to the town centre (Mustek station).
  • Express bus to the train station. Airport Express Route - from Terminal North 1 –> Terminal North 2 –> Main Train Station (Hlavní nádraží) – journey time 30 minutes. We recommend using the Airport Express, which is timed to connect with arrivals and departures of all SC Pendolino, Eurocity and Intercity trains. A fare of 45 CZK is charged on this route. The fare also covers travel from Holešovice Station to Prague Central Station if the passenger then continues his journey on Czech Railways trains from Central Station. We advise using Airport Express only when travelling to a destination outside the centre of Prague.